The Great Shift

One year ago a perceptible cosmic ripple surged through the planes, and for a brief moment, shifted the fates of nations and gods. None seem to know the source or even the concrete nature of this shift but a sense of change still to come hangs in the air. The countries of the main continent tensely watch the rise of the island nation of Antenora while the agents of greater beings prowl the material plane performing clandestine works for their deities. It is the year 800, and you must keep your friends close to face whatever might come. And by the way, what has become of your dear friend Dignam?

Create your character at level 10 and check the wiki for info on your potential place of origin. You will need to come up with some background as well as a reason why you might know of an eladrin exarch called Dignam. You can either be a close friend or someone who seeks to learn more about this influential figure.

We’ll get started sometime in August or September. Let me know when you have your character together, and I can run a very quick prologue to lead each individual into the story.

Our Material Plane

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