Our Material Plane

Session 7
Sons of the Shift

So its been awhile, but for the sake of completion, here is a recap of the last two half sessions of the campaign. After dealing with Mulligan, the party ported over to the Tower of York and there met their two oldest buddies Skeith and the Traveling Man. Rather, they found themselves hovering above the frozen Skeith + Cronies with the ever-smug TM giving directions. York butted in to give his two cents in the form of a trip to those wacked-out alternate dimensions. The party was split up, but Akbar and Hyram’s Lancastrian blessing coupled with Gryffin and Eleos’s portal-play reunited the party while Baelish sent Jose on a mind-fuck walk down an infinite corridor and Guitar finally divulged his goals to Mix. He also gave Mix an overview of Demiurge 101—the Demiurge being the first spontaneous burst of life-as-we-know-it at the cost of tearing apart the perfect unity of a singular existence that came before. Guitar preferred the concept of the latter, and having seen several lifetimes worth of genocide, tyranny, failure, and general bullshit in his travels, he was pretty sure that everybody else should be down with him merging all existence into a neat little ball. Mix was not so sure.

Nevertheless, Guitar reluctantly buddied up with the party to get out of York’s realm. Our reunited heroes traveled through one of York’s portal rooms where they saw Florizel getting super-fucked by demon hordes and where Herja got another hole through her thanks to a massive Sybriex horror. The group consensus? “Eh, they’ll be alright.”

Moving on to the bigger program, the party reached the top of York’s Tower where they found Skeith, now properly merged with his creator York, subduing a worried looking Traveling Man—and both were standing before a portal into the depths of the Abyss. The TM pleaded with the party to take out Skeith before he reached the Demiurge. Skeith, however, won out by presenting their original tormentor, revealed as “Saklas the Fool,” frozen and ready for the attack. Skeith slipped out and Guitar soon followed suit, but at least the party was able to turn Saklas into a glorious puddle of silver goo, and they were able to scrounge up a little info on his ties to the Demiurge. See, the Shift itself was the direct result of York’s toying with the Demiurge. How he gained access is still a mystery but not a surprise for a lord of secrets. His tampering netted him an abyssal spawn that he molded into Skeith, while a mirror “son of the demiurge” crawled out of the experiment, unbeknownst to York. That would be Saklas, now ruined by the party along with all his beautiful wickedness.

So, facing this doorway to the Abyss and a likely end to their time on the Material Plane, the party decided they’d done well enough portal-hopping, so one more couldn’t hurt. They rushed through but they were yanked off the ride by a force that didn’t sound so happy about their travels through this particular plane. They landed on a rock jutting out of a grey sea, surrounded by Mezzo- and Pisco-loth demon cultists. Ahead hulked the massive form of Dagon the demon prince of one of the deepest rings of the abyss, and he was chiding Skeith/York for using his realm as a thoroughfare. York was stuck, but the party correctly guessed that Guitar had slipped past and perhaps even knocked York into this trap. They appealed to Dagon to hold onto York and let them pass. Dagon didn’t much like the sound of Guitar’s unification plan, so he agreed to let the party on while he got some satisfaction out of sacrificing and absorbing the power of York. That made Nemesis Puddle #2 and a gruesome end of dearly ambitious York.

Dagon whirpool’d a doorway to the Demiurge for the party and closed it up behind them (probably snickering and mouthiing “suckers” all the while) sinking the party into total blackness. In the farthest depths of the Abyss the party was assaulted by waves of the Demiurge’s caged fury but they thought happy thoughts and everything was O.K. Guitar was in control of the Demiurge and to welcome the party he shaped the unfathomable being into an actual shape, i.e. a giant rendition of the Crucified Demiurge painting atop which a transformed Guitar perched. It was a wild time on that crucified horror with a raven-queen/guitar face—dude’s blasted dudes and motherfuckers were hoppin all over, and even Jose made a guest appearance before he was knocked into the neverending pit of nothingness forever. Ta-ta for real this time, Jose.

In the end, Guitar was shot-up and cut to hell, and declared only “Know I did not fear death” before he and the Demiurge crumbled away into sweet, sweet oblivion (or so he thought, anyway). The party was left in the void with the origin point of existence—the beating heart of the Demiurge in the form of a cracked and angry looking orb. After laying their heroic enough-of-this-shit hands on the orb they cracked up the last bit of the Demiurge and appropriated its power, ascending into godhood to replace the pantheon of gods that withered and perished during the battles among York, the Raven Queen, and Lancaster. The planes were safe from Guitar’s Katamari scheme and surely nothing bad will ever happen again.

Session 6
The Architect

With Weasel and the Forge of the Factory District eliminated and Jose Cuervo roasted but alive, the party moves on to clean up the last remaining Yorkist ex arch—Mulligan—the de facto leader of Atlas and the man who drew Hyram’s former allies into the service of York.

Rho the bot took his leave of the party to help protect civilians and set some order to the city in the midst of the Resistance’s invasion. He is soon replaced by Baelish, a tiefling merchant (allied with the ancient bad-ass of a market baron known as Azoff) who has been aiding the Resistance from inside the city.

The party made their way to the train station once more and after harassing and then maiming (Jose-ing) the last remaining engineer, the party hitches a ride to Mulligan’s Pale Tower.

On the southeastern cliff-coast of Atlas, the party reaches a tower of magical pale-white stone. It is guarded by Gradi, Mulligan’s personal guards covered from head to foot in grey. Mulligan speaks through one to tell the party that he has been expecting them, that he does not expect them to cut a deal with him, and that he plans to finish this whole escapade if they manage to reach him at the top of the tower. To get in though, they must unlock the doors by murdering the yielding Gradi linked to each door. Jose has at it and is paid back when he is covered in their caustic black blood. Akbar chooses a more sensible cleansing by exposing these Yorkist critters to a holy symbol of Lancaster—the Storm Sword. The last dissolves away and the doors open, leaving Jose with even more handsome scarring.

In the main room, the party sees statues representing the fates of the last party that dealt with Mulligan, most of which were dispatched by the current adventurers. Atlas/Thane the tiefling split down the shoulder by Mix. There is a sculpture of Isacar’s original body with a shocked expression on his face as he opens the satchel of blackfire bombs sent to him by Mulligan. Beneath him, with severed hand and severed head, is the Isacar that Jose and Hyram dealt with. Beside him is Weasel, or rather, a gnome-sized blaze of fire. There are also those who escaped with their heads held high—Steele in his original form, but for a skeletal arm holding his lance; Rojer in his distinctive blue robe holding a tiny Lorelai in dragon form; and Loban, eladrin-ized with owl-wing arms. At the end of the row stands sculptures of Hyram and Guitar with an effigy of Dignam swinging between them on a chain hung from the high ceiling.

Akbar and Hyram sanctify a corner of rest for the party, and after some sleep, Akbar uses his Lancastrian symbol trick to burn a hole in the portrait of Mulligan to access a secret staircase.

The party progresses to the Room of Terrible Angles, where magic mirrors and orbs cower before the might of Baelish the Arcane Locksmith, but not before revealing a glimpse from the near past. The party hears a conversation between Mulligan and Skeith. Skeith hints at god-parentage and Mulligan appears to have trained Skeith before the jaundiced creep infiltrated the continent.

In the next floor, the party comes across a floating door that whispers mean things to them, but Baelish again knocks the bad juju out of that trap before it can send the party anywhere nasty.

Instead they blast their way to the top of the tower, right as Skeith tells Mulligan where he can shove it and commandeers Mulligan’s portal to York’s realm. Mulligan has no time for the party’s inconvenient appearance, and though he makes a commendable attempt of doing them all in, the combined forces of the party and Guitar are enough to finish Mulligan, even after he morphs into a Blackfire Dracolich.

The party successfully convinces Guitar to work with them temporarily, and Guitar indicates that he can change their minds yet. Hyram, however, is wary and rightly so, now that you have all deduced that Guitar was behind Dignam’s death. There’s little time to catch up, though, when Mulligan’s corpse dissolves and the shard of elemental chaos left behind begins to pump out all sorts of abyssal/yorkist/bad-news-portal juice. The party warps through Atlas, spotting Tommy Deedalus, Steele, and Loban routing Antenoran forces and leading the resistance into the city, as well as Rojer, Lorelai, Daven, and Groves trying to make peace with civilians deeper in the city. As the party is then whisked across the continent, they barely make out Jaqen H’ghar trying to reach them, almost as if calling out a warning. Finally, they resettle in a thick snow drift at the foot of a massive ebony tower. They do not even have time to fix their vision and cope with their migraines before an oh so familiar voice rings out: “Now, a-looky here, boys

Session 5
A Lean Time for Heroes

Having freed Lancaster, the party was speeding their way to Antenora to access York’s realm and stop him from manipulating the essence of the Demiurge at the depths of the abyss. However, they were riding the storm of Lancaster far away from their friend Gryffin in Minsgorod. Gryffin was held so that the Banshrae could study his blood, and they found in it the taint of Demonsblood. Just as they warned him of the potentially dangerous power within him, Rickland Roltanus, the gross-out half-elf bard from Caith, appeared in a “dream” where he told Gryffin that he could transport himself to his friends if he unlocked the power of the Demonsblood. Gryffin did so. He was nearly overwhelmed with the new power but he remained himself and was transported to the Labyrinth inside of DanDan.

With Gryffin back, the party seemed to have a clear and easy shot to their destination, that is until Guitar showed up. He revealed that the army he was building was only a means of breaking the barrier that York had put around his island home. Guitar claimed that the Raven Queen and York had once entered a temporary truce, but that their alliance was at an end. Guitar and the Raven Queen wished to access the essence of the Demiurge—a being that became the planes as we know them. Guitar wishes to merge all of the planes and the great beyond into a single, unified “Being.” And now that the party has granted him access to Antenora, he plans to finish them off, take on York, and control the Demiurge himself.

By manipulating the last remnants of the Raven Queen’s curse on DanDan, Guitar attempted to send the party crashing to a fiery death, but DanDan used the last of his remaining powers to help the party escape and keep Guitar from pursuing them. They drifted down to Antenora’s eastern shore on a swarm of DanDan’s bats while DanDan crashed and Lancaster blasted the party through York’s barrier. Once ashore, they rejoined their dear friend Jose Cuervo, who had sailed North after fleeing Florizel and meeting a strange, dead-eyed human in archaic dress, a man that the party had spotted way back during Dignam’s funeral.

They arrived in the capital city of Atlas right at the brink of war. Several factions of a Resistance movement had swarmed the Northern gates to retake the city. The party joined Dignam’s bastard son, Tommy Deedalus, along with the lich-knight Steele, and the adventurers Daven and Groves in an epic battle with the Overwatch Army—an elite force of supersoldiers produced in the Factory District. The unified army of the Resistance Army along with Rho and Aleph Squad, a group of self-aware mechanical men, overwhelmed the guards. Some effective infiltration on the part of the party and the dwarven invoker Bjorn broke open the gates of Atlas.

To get to York, the party decided to target his ruling ex-archs in the city, the Lord of the Factory, Ictis, and the Lord of the Pale Tower, Mulligan. Seeing as Rho had some significant knowledge of the Factory District, the party made Ictis their first target. On the way, they met the dead-eyed mystery man once more. He called himself Isacar and offered to help the party defeat his former allies Ictis and Mulligan. Hyram, however, revealed that Isacar was one of the chief betrayers that turned all of Antenora over to York 200 years ago. With a little prodding from Jose, the party butchered Isacar in a train compartment, and Hyram was given the killing blow to his old foe.

Arriving without incident at the Forge, the heart of the Factory District, the party ran into Jaqen H’ghar who claimed to desire the party’s success in the quest they themselves did not understand. He vanished as quickly as he came, and the party moved on to meet Ictis at the heart of the Forge. The Dread Lord Ictis preferred his real name, Weasel, when dealing with the party, and like Isacar, he extended an offer to help the party if they assassinated a rival. He could help them eliminate Mulligan and grant them access to York’s realm, but the party was wary of deals with Yorkist ex-archs. The party successfully destroyed Weasel and escaped the Forge as it caved in around them. That is, all of them but Jose Cuervo. But just as Akbar gave Jose up as a loss, the charred revenant of the crazed gnome drifted up to the party. The session ended with the cooked madman clutched to Akbar. Friends. Forever.

Session 4
House of Lancaster, House of York.

Having ended the last session by destroying Atlas and freeing Drasil from the taint of York, the party meets DanDan, an airship-sized bat and ally of Lancaster. The party notes that Herja’s heart is still pinned to the tree by her own spear, but they choose to leave it as is. Hyram considers the “memorial” a disrespectful symbol that should be removed, but he defers to the party’s judgment.

Back in the party’s peculiar new “airship,” DanDan—in a spectral version of his original form—tells his story. He was once a servant of the Raven Queen and a man who helped Hyram and his allies battle the forces of York when they took over Antenora 200 years ago. Over these centuries after this defeat, DanDan noticed that the Raven Queen—Melia as he calls her—had grown distant and more secretive. She relied more and more on Guitar and his Shadar-kai, who had fled Antenora as York took over their northern lands as his personal domain. DanDan was isolated from Melia, and so he chose to resign from her service. He did not expect her to immediately revoke his power as a divine servant and exile him to the material plane. He retreated to Drasil, where he attempted to find another path. 15 yeas ago, as he finally began to regain some power, he was visited by Guitar, who unleashed an intricate and powerful sealing curse, decreed by Melia, to completely confine DanDan. Only days later, he witnessed York’s battle with Herja, and his remaining energy was stolen to power Atlas as the guardian of York’s new realm. Freed now, DanDan suggested a means of finding Lancaster—search his mortal hometown, the ancient city of Saein in the northern mountain ranges.

Nancidru, a witch who had joined the party since their visit to Guitar’s tower in Caith, met with Mix, wishing to learn how he meant to advance Guitar’s plans while surrounded by people who were clearly working against him. Like a natural servant of Guitar, she refused to disclose Guitar’s plans to Mix.

The party returned to Minsgorod to see that the effects of a freed Ruslan had already been felt. They met a peculiar monk named Chestnut, who had engaged in a nonsensical debate with Eleos and the Banshrae. Mr. Min gratefully pledged his support to the party, offering to embargo the heavily import-dependent capital city of Margarit if they declared war on Antenora. Nancidru was not pleased.

The Banshrae also bestowed a blessing upon the party to thank them for their help. Unfortunately, Mix was not able to receive the blessing because of the curse placed on him for slaying Atlas. Even stranger, the blessing had no effect on Gryphon. The Banshrae discovered a peculiar mark on Gryphon’s shoulder, what he believed to be a birthmark, and took blood to test. The party needed to travel quickly to Saein, and the Banshrae requested that the party leave Gryphon in their care.

On the way north, the party searched for someone able to treat Mix’s curse, and soon enough, they came upon Jaqen H’ghar, the Yorkist cabby. His raft was destroyed by a swarm of demons that had rushed up from the river. The recently drowned Jaqen told the party about the legions of demons overtaking the river districts of Florizel.

The party arrived in Saein, and after slipping past a compactor trap at the city walls and an assault of invisible archers in the eastern forest, they made their way to the House of Lancaster—the origin of Lancaster’s mortal family. There they met Henry, a phantom “steward” of House Lancaster and uncle of Edward of Lancaster—the boy who would become the guide of the dead. Henry revealed that Dignam had visited him a week before his death, in an attempt to find Lancaster. It would seem that Dignam had gone out in search of allies to help in this undertaking when he was murdered. Henry gave what he could to help the party, and everyone helped Akbar draw the Lancastrian Storm Sword from a furnace of electrical energy.

With a seal-breaker and a group ready to face whatever might stop them, the party only needed to find the location of Lancaster’s cell. Compelled by Atlas’s curse, Mix lead them to the House of York. After viewing portraits of “The Demiurge” and the Yorkist general Wygrieve with his son Richard, Mix was dragged helplessly into a trap. Akbar, Chestnut, and Hyram saved him while Nancidru and Jaqen watched.

Several traps later, the party made their way to the top floor of House York, where they found loads of historical documents, an abyssal shard, a map that marked Lancaster’s location…and a Skeith. Skeith, like so many others, taunted the party for knowing so little and told them of the demon invasion of Florizel. He claimed that York and the Raven Queen were working together, and that the party would do better to butt out of their plans and save Florizel instead of Lancaster. As Skeith revealed the pact between York and the Raven Queen, Nancidru fled, but Mix caught her, yet she still would not reveal any of Guitar’s plans. Mix later made a grand gesture, an assassin’s gesture of trust, to the party. He killed Nancidru and rejected his ties with Guitar.

The party refused Skeith’s offer, and as Skeith prepared to unleash some horrific abomination on them, Akbar released DanDan, form of bat. The mansion’s support structure crumbled as the giant bat expanded, and the party flew away while the House of York crushed not Skeith, but a possessed Yorkist pilgrim.

The party rushed north and into the looming skeletal figure in the sky and swarms of Quasits and Ravens. There the party met the force sealing Lancaster—a massive hydra. Herja, who had been following the party’s progress in her airship, assisted them in their battle with the beast. With the help of the Storm Sword, the party slew the beast and found themselves within an enormous storm-cloud—Lancaster himself. There they met an aspect of the freed god, who gave them some important information and a new mission.

Lancaster revealed that he was trapped by a clever ploy 15 years ago. York met him in his homeland to discuss a plan to manipulate a source of all existence found deep within the Abyss—this source he called the Demiurge. When Lancaster refused to manipulate all of existence, York revealed that he had already conspired with the Raven Queen. They knew he wouldn’t join them, and she hadn’t had the guts to eliminate him. York then ordered the Raven Queen’s followers—a swarm of ravens, witches, priests, etc.—to eliminate all of Lancaster’s followers on the island. He then unleashed a curse, a greater incarnation of the spell that trapped DanDan, upon Lancaster which sealed him to his island.

The now freed Lancaster offered a god’s boon of power to the party and asked them to travel to Antenora and to York’s realm to stop his tampering with the abyss. To do so, they had to abandon Florizel to the demon occupation, but they all decided it was best to stop York and the Raven Queen before more damage could be done to the material plane. Herja entered the scene unharmed, revealing that she had heard it all. She was disgusted by the Raven Queen’s plan to manipulate the material plane, and she rejected Guitar on the spot. She pledged to fly to Florizel to help fight back the demon occupation, and to thank the party for opening her eyes, she promised to free Florizel’s airship field first so she could send transportation to their friend in the east…Gryphon.

Session 3
The Marsh and the Forest

After slaying an evil tiger-beast last session, the party realized that they’d be spending the next session answering questions if they were caught with the body, so they slunk out of Farinata’s office with the help of Morgan and the witches, who provided an escort to Caith for a VIP meeting with Guitar.
In Caith the party made friends with the massive barbarian horde prepared to serve as Guitar’s vanguard for the invasion of Antenora. Didn’t see the invasion coming so soon? Knock another one up to G-man. The party has a cordial chat with Guitar, who suggests the party ditch Hyram and join Herja in convincing Ruslan to join in on the invasion. The party politely declines and Hyram suggests the party goes to Minsgorod to fuck with Guitar’s plans and get the lowdown on the general weirdness that’s been going on there for the past year. Guitar sends Herja off to Margarit on an airship and provides the party with a fast-traveling raft and a boozed up witch. The party jets across the continent, beating the Yorkist cabby along the way, where they see all sorts of cool sights in the dead of night. They are attacked again by beetle demons, and after finding their pals Cavalcante and the Traveling Man, they decide that trusty old TM’s plan to make Cavalcante his boy in the capital surely couldn’t be a bad idea.
In Minsgorod, the party enters a fey wonderland and meets the giant leader, Mr. Min and the Banshrae,a fey race somehow related to Eleos’ Curaloth. Mr. Min tells of the malaise that has stricken the realm for the past 15 years and has intensified over the last year (ho-ho, coinciding with Lancaster’s disappearance 15 years ago and the Shift last year). The party agrees to investigate. Each member gets mind-fucked as they try to stumble through the cursed forest, but only Akbar and Hyram get screwed.
They discover that the general stain upon the forest comes in the form of York’s undead servant, Atlas, an ex-arch that fell into disfavor after he attempted to flee from York’s service. After York defeated Herja and pinned her to the life tree 15 years ago, he summoned Atlas’s soul to guard the tree which he marked as his own. The party kills Atlas’s smug ass and Mix gets some sweet visions of York and Skeith and a Yorkist tat and curse out of the deal. Killing Atlas releases DanDan, a giant bat, old friend of Lancaster. and former servant of the Raven Queen who exiled himself to the tree and became a power siphon for Atlas when York took over. Akbar pulls the Herja’s spear and heart from the tree which summons the heartless bitch herself. Shaken, lost, and outnumbered, Herja walks away with her heart but not her dignity, while the party climbs into DanDan’s mouth. They will soon fly back to Minsgorod and off into the next session, where someone in the know can explain some of this bullshit.

Chaaaapter 2
Beetles and Tigers and Demons etc.

So, the party takes up with Hyram on the vaguest of quests to find Lancaster. They drag along a reefer-mad homeless gnome named Jose and follow Hyram to the ruins of an ancient temple to the dead god Kelemvor, only to find that those ruins had been built upon the oh-so-ancienter ruins of some Demon-lovers cult. After looking over all the nice old runes and sour-faced statues, the party met some rough and tumble Shadar-kai in league with Guitar. The party and a shit-pantsed monk take down the Shardar-kai, and Akbar recovers a classified document that bust up Andrew Mashek/Mix’s whole limping-monk ruse.
The party progresses, after ruthlessly bullying their new monk friend, into the dungeon below the temple, where they find some nice dank cells and implements of enhanced interrogation/re-education left over from Kelemvor’s fan club. After taking the directions of a whacked-out mind flayer, down some tunnels and past a golem to a hidden chamber that holds the ancient artifact they sought, i.e. a psychic beetle-gentleman named Eleos, who looks very much like those not-so-friendly beetle dudes who keep attacking them, but without the whole magic shackles and death eyes deal. They also recover the fragment of some ancient text, but it sure doesn’t speak to the moment.
After toying with the idea of delving deeper into the horrors below (horrors that broke the mind of a goddamned mind flayer) the party decides to pop back up to the surface, where they are promptly assaulted by a Piscodemon in league with the less friendly beetle contingent. The party roasts him and return to the capital.
Shit’s gone down, intrigue-wise, with Farinata dropping all sorts of unflattering gossip on Coriole’s military record. The party meets with the third candidate, Cavalcante, at the city archives. Cavalcante has uncovered a slice of truth with Guitar’s name all over it. Story Short: Guitar’s puffed up Coriole into the perfect candidate for a puppet government. Cavalcante plans to bow out of the race, and asks the party whether he should send his scale-tipping followers to Coriole or Farinata. The party picks the devil they know.
After Cavalcante makes his announcement, a displeased Farinata meets with the party and offers them a nice vacation away from messin-with-everyone’s-shitsville. Jose suggests the party take the offer and neatly end the whole campaign right there. Instead, they opt to murder the shit out of Farinata, form of Rakshasa, and his skeleton pals. They end this exciting chapter, blood-soaked in the third floor of an office building, with a tiger beast, unseamed from nave to chops, at their feet.

Session 1
An Inelegant Recap

At the funeral for Dignam, the former ex-arch of Lancaster, our party stumbled together under the influence of their common acquaintance and the machinations of a mysterious man in a grey suit. At the funeral, three figures spoke—Dignam’s closest companion, Hyram; a revenant woman with a missing heart, Herja; and a jaundiced, shifty-looking man, Skeith. Meanwhile the party spotted a cloaked man watching from a tree and the hat of the elusive Traveling Man who had visited their dreams.
The Traveling Man approached them again after the funeral and implied that Dignam may have been murdered by another powerful figure. He suggested the party stick together and guard themselves against outside manipulation.
The party then moved to the docks—Akbar’s stomping grounds—to do some snooping (and sneaking in the case of certain party members). After infiltrating the Plainview Warehouse, the party discovered Skeith and his tiefling manservant interrogating the warehouse foreman, Sabotka. A battle followed, but Skeith escaped after his partner’s explosive defensive maneuver.
Sabotka revealed that Skeith was digging up dirt on the most popular candidate for regency, the war-hero Walter Coriole.
On their way out, the party came face to face with aggressive insectoid demons. Andrei Mashek took them down immediately and no questions were asked.
The party investigated the warehouse crates, which all held imported weaponry. The “Y” insignias on the weapons were replaced by "7"s.
The party moved on to the main square to watch the candidates for regency debate their positions. Walter Coriole remained the favorite with his call for a stronger military state. Farinata, the natural politician, remained hot on his heels. Cavalcante promoted peace, but his message fell flat on this audience.
At the Tail End Tavern, the party convinced Hyram that they could help rebuild the Lancastrians, and Hyram revealed to them a plan to retrieve an ancient artifact from the ruins south of the city. His plan? Acquire information from the ruins and track down Lancaster in the northern mountains, where Hyram believes the god has been trapped or hindered. On the way, he plans to visit the neighboring nation of Ruslan where he can cripple Herja and Coriole’s efforts to drum up a war with Antenora.
The party agreed to meet with Hyram at the southern gates of the city at dawn.


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