Our Material Plane

Chaaaapter 2

Beetles and Tigers and Demons etc.

So, the party takes up with Hyram on the vaguest of quests to find Lancaster. They drag along a reefer-mad homeless gnome named Jose and follow Hyram to the ruins of an ancient temple to the dead god Kelemvor, only to find that those ruins had been built upon the oh-so-ancienter ruins of some Demon-lovers cult. After looking over all the nice old runes and sour-faced statues, the party met some rough and tumble Shadar-kai in league with Guitar. The party and a shit-pantsed monk take down the Shardar-kai, and Akbar recovers a classified document that bust up Andrew Mashek/Mix’s whole limping-monk ruse.
The party progresses, after ruthlessly bullying their new monk friend, into the dungeon below the temple, where they find some nice dank cells and implements of enhanced interrogation/re-education left over from Kelemvor’s fan club. After taking the directions of a whacked-out mind flayer, down some tunnels and past a golem to a hidden chamber that holds the ancient artifact they sought, i.e. a psychic beetle-gentleman named Eleos, who looks very much like those not-so-friendly beetle dudes who keep attacking them, but without the whole magic shackles and death eyes deal. They also recover the fragment of some ancient text, but it sure doesn’t speak to the moment.
After toying with the idea of delving deeper into the horrors below (horrors that broke the mind of a goddamned mind flayer) the party decides to pop back up to the surface, where they are promptly assaulted by a Piscodemon in league with the less friendly beetle contingent. The party roasts him and return to the capital.
Shit’s gone down, intrigue-wise, with Farinata dropping all sorts of unflattering gossip on Coriole’s military record. The party meets with the third candidate, Cavalcante, at the city archives. Cavalcante has uncovered a slice of truth with Guitar’s name all over it. Story Short: Guitar’s puffed up Coriole into the perfect candidate for a puppet government. Cavalcante plans to bow out of the race, and asks the party whether he should send his scale-tipping followers to Coriole or Farinata. The party picks the devil they know.
After Cavalcante makes his announcement, a displeased Farinata meets with the party and offers them a nice vacation away from messin-with-everyone’s-shitsville. Jose suggests the party take the offer and neatly end the whole campaign right there. Instead, they opt to murder the shit out of Farinata, form of Rakshasa, and his skeleton pals. They end this exciting chapter, blood-soaked in the third floor of an office building, with a tiger beast, unseamed from nave to chops, at their feet.



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