Our Material Plane

Session 1

An Inelegant Recap

At the funeral for Dignam, the former ex-arch of Lancaster, our party stumbled together under the influence of their common acquaintance and the machinations of a mysterious man in a grey suit. At the funeral, three figures spoke—Dignam’s closest companion, Hyram; a revenant woman with a missing heart, Herja; and a jaundiced, shifty-looking man, Skeith. Meanwhile the party spotted a cloaked man watching from a tree and the hat of the elusive Traveling Man who had visited their dreams.
The Traveling Man approached them again after the funeral and implied that Dignam may have been murdered by another powerful figure. He suggested the party stick together and guard themselves against outside manipulation.
The party then moved to the docks—Akbar’s stomping grounds—to do some snooping (and sneaking in the case of certain party members). After infiltrating the Plainview Warehouse, the party discovered Skeith and his tiefling manservant interrogating the warehouse foreman, Sabotka. A battle followed, but Skeith escaped after his partner’s explosive defensive maneuver.
Sabotka revealed that Skeith was digging up dirt on the most popular candidate for regency, the war-hero Walter Coriole.
On their way out, the party came face to face with aggressive insectoid demons. Andrei Mashek took them down immediately and no questions were asked.
The party investigated the warehouse crates, which all held imported weaponry. The “Y” insignias on the weapons were replaced by "7"s.
The party moved on to the main square to watch the candidates for regency debate their positions. Walter Coriole remained the favorite with his call for a stronger military state. Farinata, the natural politician, remained hot on his heels. Cavalcante promoted peace, but his message fell flat on this audience.
At the Tail End Tavern, the party convinced Hyram that they could help rebuild the Lancastrians, and Hyram revealed to them a plan to retrieve an ancient artifact from the ruins south of the city. His plan? Acquire information from the ruins and track down Lancaster in the northern mountains, where Hyram believes the god has been trapped or hindered. On the way, he plans to visit the neighboring nation of Ruslan where he can cripple Herja and Coriole’s efforts to drum up a war with Antenora.
The party agreed to meet with Hyram at the southern gates of the city at dawn.



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