Our Material Plane

Session 3

The Marsh and the Forest

After slaying an evil tiger-beast last session, the party realized that they’d be spending the next session answering questions if they were caught with the body, so they slunk out of Farinata’s office with the help of Morgan and the witches, who provided an escort to Caith for a VIP meeting with Guitar.
In Caith the party made friends with the massive barbarian horde prepared to serve as Guitar’s vanguard for the invasion of Antenora. Didn’t see the invasion coming so soon? Knock another one up to G-man. The party has a cordial chat with Guitar, who suggests the party ditch Hyram and join Herja in convincing Ruslan to join in on the invasion. The party politely declines and Hyram suggests the party goes to Minsgorod to fuck with Guitar’s plans and get the lowdown on the general weirdness that’s been going on there for the past year. Guitar sends Herja off to Margarit on an airship and provides the party with a fast-traveling raft and a boozed up witch. The party jets across the continent, beating the Yorkist cabby along the way, where they see all sorts of cool sights in the dead of night. They are attacked again by beetle demons, and after finding their pals Cavalcante and the Traveling Man, they decide that trusty old TM’s plan to make Cavalcante his boy in the capital surely couldn’t be a bad idea.
In Minsgorod, the party enters a fey wonderland and meets the giant leader, Mr. Min and the Banshrae,a fey race somehow related to Eleos’ Curaloth. Mr. Min tells of the malaise that has stricken the realm for the past 15 years and has intensified over the last year (ho-ho, coinciding with Lancaster’s disappearance 15 years ago and the Shift last year). The party agrees to investigate. Each member gets mind-fucked as they try to stumble through the cursed forest, but only Akbar and Hyram get screwed.
They discover that the general stain upon the forest comes in the form of York’s undead servant, Atlas, an ex-arch that fell into disfavor after he attempted to flee from York’s service. After York defeated Herja and pinned her to the life tree 15 years ago, he summoned Atlas’s soul to guard the tree which he marked as his own. The party kills Atlas’s smug ass and Mix gets some sweet visions of York and Skeith and a Yorkist tat and curse out of the deal. Killing Atlas releases DanDan, a giant bat, old friend of Lancaster. and former servant of the Raven Queen who exiled himself to the tree and became a power siphon for Atlas when York took over. Akbar pulls the Herja’s spear and heart from the tree which summons the heartless bitch herself. Shaken, lost, and outnumbered, Herja walks away with her heart but not her dignity, while the party climbs into DanDan’s mouth. They will soon fly back to Minsgorod and off into the next session, where someone in the know can explain some of this bullshit.



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