Our Material Plane

Session 5

A Lean Time for Heroes

Having freed Lancaster, the party was speeding their way to Antenora to access York’s realm and stop him from manipulating the essence of the Demiurge at the depths of the abyss. However, they were riding the storm of Lancaster far away from their friend Gryffin in Minsgorod. Gryffin was held so that the Banshrae could study his blood, and they found in it the taint of Demonsblood. Just as they warned him of the potentially dangerous power within him, Rickland Roltanus, the gross-out half-elf bard from Caith, appeared in a “dream” where he told Gryffin that he could transport himself to his friends if he unlocked the power of the Demonsblood. Gryffin did so. He was nearly overwhelmed with the new power but he remained himself and was transported to the Labyrinth inside of DanDan.

With Gryffin back, the party seemed to have a clear and easy shot to their destination, that is until Guitar showed up. He revealed that the army he was building was only a means of breaking the barrier that York had put around his island home. Guitar claimed that the Raven Queen and York had once entered a temporary truce, but that their alliance was at an end. Guitar and the Raven Queen wished to access the essence of the Demiurge—a being that became the planes as we know them. Guitar wishes to merge all of the planes and the great beyond into a single, unified “Being.” And now that the party has granted him access to Antenora, he plans to finish them off, take on York, and control the Demiurge himself.

By manipulating the last remnants of the Raven Queen’s curse on DanDan, Guitar attempted to send the party crashing to a fiery death, but DanDan used the last of his remaining powers to help the party escape and keep Guitar from pursuing them. They drifted down to Antenora’s eastern shore on a swarm of DanDan’s bats while DanDan crashed and Lancaster blasted the party through York’s barrier. Once ashore, they rejoined their dear friend Jose Cuervo, who had sailed North after fleeing Florizel and meeting a strange, dead-eyed human in archaic dress, a man that the party had spotted way back during Dignam’s funeral.

They arrived in the capital city of Atlas right at the brink of war. Several factions of a Resistance movement had swarmed the Northern gates to retake the city. The party joined Dignam’s bastard son, Tommy Deedalus, along with the lich-knight Steele, and the adventurers Daven and Groves in an epic battle with the Overwatch Army—an elite force of supersoldiers produced in the Factory District. The unified army of the Resistance Army along with Rho and Aleph Squad, a group of self-aware mechanical men, overwhelmed the guards. Some effective infiltration on the part of the party and the dwarven invoker Bjorn broke open the gates of Atlas.

To get to York, the party decided to target his ruling ex-archs in the city, the Lord of the Factory, Ictis, and the Lord of the Pale Tower, Mulligan. Seeing as Rho had some significant knowledge of the Factory District, the party made Ictis their first target. On the way, they met the dead-eyed mystery man once more. He called himself Isacar and offered to help the party defeat his former allies Ictis and Mulligan. Hyram, however, revealed that Isacar was one of the chief betrayers that turned all of Antenora over to York 200 years ago. With a little prodding from Jose, the party butchered Isacar in a train compartment, and Hyram was given the killing blow to his old foe.

Arriving without incident at the Forge, the heart of the Factory District, the party ran into Jaqen H’ghar who claimed to desire the party’s success in the quest they themselves did not understand. He vanished as quickly as he came, and the party moved on to meet Ictis at the heart of the Forge. The Dread Lord Ictis preferred his real name, Weasel, when dealing with the party, and like Isacar, he extended an offer to help the party if they assassinated a rival. He could help them eliminate Mulligan and grant them access to York’s realm, but the party was wary of deals with Yorkist ex-archs. The party successfully destroyed Weasel and escaped the Forge as it caved in around them. That is, all of them but Jose Cuervo. But just as Akbar gave Jose up as a loss, the charred revenant of the crazed gnome drifted up to the party. The session ended with the cooked madman clutched to Akbar. Friends. Forever.



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