Our Material Plane

Session 6

The Architect

With Weasel and the Forge of the Factory District eliminated and Jose Cuervo roasted but alive, the party moves on to clean up the last remaining Yorkist ex arch—Mulligan—the de facto leader of Atlas and the man who drew Hyram’s former allies into the service of York.

Rho the bot took his leave of the party to help protect civilians and set some order to the city in the midst of the Resistance’s invasion. He is soon replaced by Baelish, a tiefling merchant (allied with the ancient bad-ass of a market baron known as Azoff) who has been aiding the Resistance from inside the city.

The party made their way to the train station once more and after harassing and then maiming (Jose-ing) the last remaining engineer, the party hitches a ride to Mulligan’s Pale Tower.

On the southeastern cliff-coast of Atlas, the party reaches a tower of magical pale-white stone. It is guarded by Gradi, Mulligan’s personal guards covered from head to foot in grey. Mulligan speaks through one to tell the party that he has been expecting them, that he does not expect them to cut a deal with him, and that he plans to finish this whole escapade if they manage to reach him at the top of the tower. To get in though, they must unlock the doors by murdering the yielding Gradi linked to each door. Jose has at it and is paid back when he is covered in their caustic black blood. Akbar chooses a more sensible cleansing by exposing these Yorkist critters to a holy symbol of Lancaster—the Storm Sword. The last dissolves away and the doors open, leaving Jose with even more handsome scarring.

In the main room, the party sees statues representing the fates of the last party that dealt with Mulligan, most of which were dispatched by the current adventurers. Atlas/Thane the tiefling split down the shoulder by Mix. There is a sculpture of Isacar’s original body with a shocked expression on his face as he opens the satchel of blackfire bombs sent to him by Mulligan. Beneath him, with severed hand and severed head, is the Isacar that Jose and Hyram dealt with. Beside him is Weasel, or rather, a gnome-sized blaze of fire. There are also those who escaped with their heads held high—Steele in his original form, but for a skeletal arm holding his lance; Rojer in his distinctive blue robe holding a tiny Lorelai in dragon form; and Loban, eladrin-ized with owl-wing arms. At the end of the row stands sculptures of Hyram and Guitar with an effigy of Dignam swinging between them on a chain hung from the high ceiling.

Akbar and Hyram sanctify a corner of rest for the party, and after some sleep, Akbar uses his Lancastrian symbol trick to burn a hole in the portrait of Mulligan to access a secret staircase.

The party progresses to the Room of Terrible Angles, where magic mirrors and orbs cower before the might of Baelish the Arcane Locksmith, but not before revealing a glimpse from the near past. The party hears a conversation between Mulligan and Skeith. Skeith hints at god-parentage and Mulligan appears to have trained Skeith before the jaundiced creep infiltrated the continent.

In the next floor, the party comes across a floating door that whispers mean things to them, but Baelish again knocks the bad juju out of that trap before it can send the party anywhere nasty.

Instead they blast their way to the top of the tower, right as Skeith tells Mulligan where he can shove it and commandeers Mulligan’s portal to York’s realm. Mulligan has no time for the party’s inconvenient appearance, and though he makes a commendable attempt of doing them all in, the combined forces of the party and Guitar are enough to finish Mulligan, even after he morphs into a Blackfire Dracolich.

The party successfully convinces Guitar to work with them temporarily, and Guitar indicates that he can change their minds yet. Hyram, however, is wary and rightly so, now that you have all deduced that Guitar was behind Dignam’s death. There’s little time to catch up, though, when Mulligan’s corpse dissolves and the shard of elemental chaos left behind begins to pump out all sorts of abyssal/yorkist/bad-news-portal juice. The party warps through Atlas, spotting Tommy Deedalus, Steele, and Loban routing Antenoran forces and leading the resistance into the city, as well as Rojer, Lorelai, Daven, and Groves trying to make peace with civilians deeper in the city. As the party is then whisked across the continent, they barely make out Jaqen H’ghar trying to reach them, almost as if calling out a warning. Finally, they resettle in a thick snow drift at the foot of a massive ebony tower. They do not even have time to fix their vision and cope with their migraines before an oh so familiar voice rings out: “Now, a-looky here, boys



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