Our Material Plane

Session 7

Sons of the Shift

So its been awhile, but for the sake of completion, here is a recap of the last two half sessions of the campaign. After dealing with Mulligan, the party ported over to the Tower of York and there met their two oldest buddies Skeith and the Traveling Man. Rather, they found themselves hovering above the frozen Skeith + Cronies with the ever-smug TM giving directions. York butted in to give his two cents in the form of a trip to those wacked-out alternate dimensions. The party was split up, but Akbar and Hyram’s Lancastrian blessing coupled with Gryffin and Eleos’s portal-play reunited the party while Baelish sent Jose on a mind-fuck walk down an infinite corridor and Guitar finally divulged his goals to Mix. He also gave Mix an overview of Demiurge 101—the Demiurge being the first spontaneous burst of life-as-we-know-it at the cost of tearing apart the perfect unity of a singular existence that came before. Guitar preferred the concept of the latter, and having seen several lifetimes worth of genocide, tyranny, failure, and general bullshit in his travels, he was pretty sure that everybody else should be down with him merging all existence into a neat little ball. Mix was not so sure.

Nevertheless, Guitar reluctantly buddied up with the party to get out of York’s realm. Our reunited heroes traveled through one of York’s portal rooms where they saw Florizel getting super-fucked by demon hordes and where Herja got another hole through her thanks to a massive Sybriex horror. The group consensus? “Eh, they’ll be alright.”

Moving on to the bigger program, the party reached the top of York’s Tower where they found Skeith, now properly merged with his creator York, subduing a worried looking Traveling Man—and both were standing before a portal into the depths of the Abyss. The TM pleaded with the party to take out Skeith before he reached the Demiurge. Skeith, however, won out by presenting their original tormentor, revealed as “Saklas the Fool,” frozen and ready for the attack. Skeith slipped out and Guitar soon followed suit, but at least the party was able to turn Saklas into a glorious puddle of silver goo, and they were able to scrounge up a little info on his ties to the Demiurge. See, the Shift itself was the direct result of York’s toying with the Demiurge. How he gained access is still a mystery but not a surprise for a lord of secrets. His tampering netted him an abyssal spawn that he molded into Skeith, while a mirror “son of the demiurge” crawled out of the experiment, unbeknownst to York. That would be Saklas, now ruined by the party along with all his beautiful wickedness.

So, facing this doorway to the Abyss and a likely end to their time on the Material Plane, the party decided they’d done well enough portal-hopping, so one more couldn’t hurt. They rushed through but they were yanked off the ride by a force that didn’t sound so happy about their travels through this particular plane. They landed on a rock jutting out of a grey sea, surrounded by Mezzo- and Pisco-loth demon cultists. Ahead hulked the massive form of Dagon the demon prince of one of the deepest rings of the abyss, and he was chiding Skeith/York for using his realm as a thoroughfare. York was stuck, but the party correctly guessed that Guitar had slipped past and perhaps even knocked York into this trap. They appealed to Dagon to hold onto York and let them pass. Dagon didn’t much like the sound of Guitar’s unification plan, so he agreed to let the party on while he got some satisfaction out of sacrificing and absorbing the power of York. That made Nemesis Puddle #2 and a gruesome end of dearly ambitious York.

Dagon whirpool’d a doorway to the Demiurge for the party and closed it up behind them (probably snickering and mouthiing “suckers” all the while) sinking the party into total blackness. In the farthest depths of the Abyss the party was assaulted by waves of the Demiurge’s caged fury but they thought happy thoughts and everything was O.K. Guitar was in control of the Demiurge and to welcome the party he shaped the unfathomable being into an actual shape, i.e. a giant rendition of the Crucified Demiurge painting atop which a transformed Guitar perched. It was a wild time on that crucified horror with a raven-queen/guitar face—dude’s blasted dudes and motherfuckers were hoppin all over, and even Jose made a guest appearance before he was knocked into the neverending pit of nothingness forever. Ta-ta for real this time, Jose.

In the end, Guitar was shot-up and cut to hell, and declared only “Know I did not fear death” before he and the Demiurge crumbled away into sweet, sweet oblivion (or so he thought, anyway). The party was left in the void with the origin point of existence—the beating heart of the Demiurge in the form of a cracked and angry looking orb. After laying their heroic enough-of-this-shit hands on the orb they cracked up the last bit of the Demiurge and appropriated its power, ascending into godhood to replace the pantheon of gods that withered and perished during the battles among York, the Raven Queen, and Lancaster. The planes were safe from Guitar’s Katamari scheme and surely nothing bad will ever happen again.



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