Andrei Mashek

Originally from Caith, this 45-year-old, balding human wears simple robes, carries a quarterstaff, and has a limp in his left leg.


Andrei/Mix received a curse of York when he killed the husk of Atlas. Every time he uses Soul Reaver (an encounter power), he must pay attention to whether the die’s roll is odd or even.


When Andrei was younger, he was an adventurer and part-time militiaman. During one skirmish with brigands from O’rland, his left leg was shattered by a cannon ball, and the situation looked dire. Suddenly, an Eladrin Exarch thwarted the enemy and saved the remainder of the militia. He introduced himself as Dignam, and Andrei forever remembered his name. As a reminder of his near-death, Andrei decided not to have his leg magically healed. He still carries his limp, remembering Dignam’s service.

Everything to this point is Andrei’s cover. He is not actually middle-aged, crippled, or even human. “Andrei” is a persona adopted by Mix, a changeling, to help disguise his true capabilities to those whom he does not yet know. Mix is a trained assassin who received the unexpected announcement of Dignam’s funeral while using Andrei’s cover in Florizel. Mix is actually 10 years younger than his persona, and beneath his monk’s robes he wears leather armor and he carries a longsword in a contraption on his left leg, hiding the sword while giving him the pronounced limp that Andrei affected.

Mix, like Andrei, owes his life to Dignam. Several years ago, Mix and fellow agents were captured on a botched job, but Dignam and his compatriot Guitar decided to bust them out of prison. Dignam especially put his life on the line while rescuing the prisoners, and Mix was also impressed by Guitar’s skills. After his impromptu release, Mix tried to stay in touch with both Dignam and Guitar, sending occasional updates or completing occasional favors.

Mix is not sensitive about his changeling race, but he understands how and why some others are inherently distrustful of changelings. That Dignam and Guitar both went out of their way to help him and his friends left a great impression on Mix. In most of his everday actions, Mix will maintain some sort of cover or alternate persona, even if he is not “on the job,” in order to avoid unnecessary suspicion or hostility. It is ironic that this made his current party more suspicious of him from the start.

Andrei Mashek

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