After destroying Atlas and removing the Yorkist presence from Drasil, an enormous bat swung down from a low branch of the mighty tree. Atlas seemed to have been siphoning power from this chained beast to power his dominion over the area.

The creature was an ally of Lancaster and Hyram recognizes him as a friend from the failed effort 200 years ago to keep Antenora from York’s control.

DanDan actually established the city of Voland centuries ago when he and swarms of other “Better Devils” fled the Nine Hells (during the ascension of Asmodeus) to create a home in the hot-springs of southern Antenora. He then entered the service of Lancaster’s predecessor’s predecessor and eventually became close friends with Lancaster himself. He tried to fill the growing gap between Lancaster and the Raven Queen, but when he uncovered the Raven Queen’s plan to bind Lancaster, he was captured and sealed himself before he could save his friend.

Freed by the Stormwalkers, he transported them to Saein and Antenora, furthering their quest to save Lancaster and then the Material Plane, before sacrificing himself to save the party from Guitar.


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