The “ancient artifact” that the party discovered in the temple ruins south of Florizel was actually of the same race as the hostile beetle demons that attacked the party in the Plainview Warehouse, but Eleos’s eyes glow a soft green rather than red, and he does not wear the heavy iron bracelets of the others.

“We have been since the beginning of time. We once lived in the wild depths below this plane, the elemental chaos that swirls on and on. They say a schism occurred. Our brothers…we cannot be sure if they were enslaved or if they wished for a simpler, more animalistic approach. Those that you have met before are the Mezzoloth. We are the Curaloth and we appreciate the complexities of existence, the unknowable development of the Spark within us all.”

This race, and perhaps Eleos himself, has existed since the beginning of time and may have been the very first sentient creatures in existence.

Eleos followed the Stormwalkers throughout their journey and eventually ascended to godhood along with them.


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