Guitar was the former leader of Caith, the right-hand of the Raven Queen, and the temporary Overlord of the Demiurge. Guitar was a gaunt, tall shadar-kai who wore a ragged black cloak sewn up in several spots with faded red string. His sleek, silver head was marked with numerous spiraling tattoos, runes, and a prominent 7 stamped behind his left temple. He carried a long chain with each link sporting a lethal sickle.

Guitar was born in the far north of Antenora, the frozen wasteland that served as a home for the Shadar-kai. He accompanied Hyram and Dignam’s band of adventurers until they were betrayed by Atlas, Weasel, and Isacar. In the wake of that betrayal, York ascended to godhood and seized the northern realms. Guitar rushed through the north gathering up his kinsmen as York’s influence spread and converted many to his corrupted followers. Guitar escaped with a large following of Shadar-kai. After this tremendous effort, he was reached by the Raven Queen and told to leave Antenora and create a new home on the continent. They traveled south to the Shrouded Hills and sailed from there to Caith.

For some time, Guitar resided at the Striped Tower of Caith and served as the de facto ruler of that nation. A horde of barbarian warriors spread out beneath the tower and the crowd cheered continuously for the glory brought by Guitar and his witches. There he began to orchestrate an invasion of Antenora, but as he grew closer and closer to the Raven Queen, he learned of the secret of the Demiurge. He became essential to her attempt to gain access to the Demiurge, the alliance with York, and the plot to merge the planes and all existence into a singular Being. When her commitment began to waver, Guitar leeched power from her. When she finally withered away, Guitar took her place.

After the Shift, York broke his alliance with Guitar and the Raven Queen and sealed off access to the Demiurge. Guitar then restarted his initial plan to invade and enlisted the military help of Herja and political influence of Walter Coriole to gain Fife as an ally. However, due to the Stormwalkers’ meddling, Guitar was unable to establish an alliance with Fife or Ruslan. Guitar cancelled the invasion as soon as the Stormwalkers breached York’s barrier, allowing for Guitar to slip through as well. He followed the Stormwalkers and even assisted them in the journey to the Tower of York. Yet once they gained access to the Abyss, Guitar split with the party and merged with the Demiurge. He nearly achieved his goal of merging the planes, but he was defeated by the Stormwalkers.

Guitar himself was seemingly obliterated in the depths of the abyss, but his memory lives on. The warriors of Caith still sing his name. He is praised as the founding king of their new empire, and he is even prayed to by some as a God of War. All the while, the God of Many Faces still holds the soul of Guitar. He may choose to bring him back to this world. Who knows what a wholly different upbringing and experience with the material plane would do for “Guitar” if he were to return?


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