According to Hyram, Isacar was the chief sower of discord among his allies 200 years ago. When that party split, Isacar naturally joined with York, was named an exarch, and was crucial in the forceful union of the cities Voland and Wygrievia into Atlas. He and Weasel also constructed the Factory District from the most blasted ruins of Old Wygrievia. Isacar used his extensive necromantic abilities to help power the technological advancements that Weasel proposed.

Meanwhile, Mulligan was solidifying his role as the chief Yorkist exarch in the city. By Yr 612, Atlas and Steele had fled the city and Mulligan’s attentions were on Weasel and Isacar’s substantial base of power. They controlled not only the southeastern district of the city, but means of production for all the goods and elite soldiers used to keep it all running.

Isacar believed that, given enough time, he and Weasel could push Mulligan out of power, but Weasel had other plans. He cut a deal with Mulligan in which he pledged himself and the Factory District to Mulligan and gained sole dominion of the district along with some level of autonomy. All he had to do was deliver Isacar.

Weasel successfully set Isacar up for Mulligan’s ambush, and he barely escaped with his life and one of his undead puppet-bodyguards. He bunkered himself down in an island he had established as a safe house some years ago. While Mulligan and Weasel settled into control of the city, Isacar spent 100 years digging deeper into the cave system, carving a nasty dungeon with his rage and paranoia.

At its apex, Isacar’s Sanctuary was a death trap unlike any the world had ever seen…though no one had bothered to see it. At the peak of its perection, Isacar paused in his work and realized that his nemesis had forgotten him. This epiphany plunged him deeper into madness, and his realm decayed around him for another hundred years.

But Mulligan never forgot, and by Yr 799 Isacar’s Sanctuary had devolved enough for Mulligan to direct an unwitting group of adventurers to its depths to deliver a special package. Only one of the adventurers made it to Isacar, but his delivery of blackfire bombs went off easily enough, incinerating him along with Isacar’s body. Afterwards, Mulligan himself took a careful trek down to the dungeon, where he salvaged Isacar’s bones and crafted them into a set of personal armor.

However, Isacar still had one back-up plan remaining—a phylactery in the form of his last undead servant, Sansjoy. He awoke in this greatly diminished form and dragged himself out of his dungeon and away from Antenora. His wandering brought him to Florizel during Dignam’s funeral. Recognizing the name of the ally he betrayed, Isacar investigated and first sighted the party as they chatted with the Traveling Man. He decided to track their progress, but lost them in the tumult of the city.

Isacar disliked Fife, feeling it was an over-rich and craven land. He found himself driven again to pay back Mulligan and Weasel. He was making his way back to Antenora when he ran into Jose Cuervo, a lunatic gnome who reminded Isacar of Weasel in his prime. He took Jose on in the hopes that he might influence better control over this one.

They sailed to Antenora on a small raft that was quickly overtaken by Lancaster’s storm-form, and Isacar vanished until he met the party at the train station within Atlas. There he revealed himself and offered to help the party eliminate Mulligan and Weasel. Hyram warned the party of Isacar’s past betrayals, and so they decided to reject his offer and lock him in the train compartment. When Isacar tried to slip away, Jose was the first to lose patience. He severed Iscar’s hand and the party chased an invisible Isacar in circles around the cabin, following him easily by the trail of blood he left behind. Akbar eventually restrained Isacar and presented him to Hyram, who beheaded his old foe.


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