Jaqen H’ghar is a self proclaimed Yorkist priest whom the party met as they sailed away from Caith. Jaqen was born in Antenora and spent an unspecified amount of time as a devotee of York, the god of undeath and secrets. Eventually he struck out to the continent to build a temple for York on new shores, but he was promptly captured by Guitar’s men. He was enslaved and bound to a magical raft that he was still compelled to guide when the party met him.

He delivered our heroes to Minsgorod where he offered a reward for his freedom. The party refused, and so Jaqen rowed back to Caith. However, he happened to pass through Fife’s capital, Florizel, just as the city was invaded by a horde of demons. He was attacked at the river, his raft and shackles destroyed, and the boatman himself drowned.

Yet a drowning did not seem to be enough to do in Jaqen H’ghar. He dragged himself to shore and struck out North where he was picked up by the party once more. He told them of “the calling of the scion” to the ruins of Saein. The few Yorkists hiding in the continent were being drawn towards the presence of a scion of York—Skeith.

Jaqen assisted the party in their travels through Saein but vanished during their encounter with Skeith. He reappeared again when the party arrived at the Forge, the heart of Antenora’s Factory District.

Jaqen’s motivation and capabilities are unclear, though he has seemed somewhat helpful whenever he appears. He has offered this much to the party: “I am a Yorkist by choice. We may not all see eye to eye, but you are a force of change that I can respect. The system needs a shock. I wish you luck. I have put all of my eggs in your basket, so to speak.”

His investment in the Stormwalkers paid out in the end, as he was last seen assuming the throne at the top of York’s tower after the party eliminated the god of undeath and secrets.


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