Jose Cuervo

Jose is a mad gnome from the slums of Florizel. He joined up with the Stormwalkers in some of their earlier quests, but when they somewhat accidentally murdered the politician-turned-Rakshasa Farinata they left the gnome behind as they fled the city. Jose then met up with Isacar, who was making his way to Antenora. They traveled north and even sailed within reach of Atlas before they were caught up in the Storm of Lancaster that the Stormwalkers brought to the coasts.

Jose lost his companion and joined up with the Stormwalkers again as they broke through the walls of Atlas, and when Isacar returned to offer the party his Faustian bargain, he helped them take out the sneak, severing one of Isacar’s hands in the process.

However, Jose was not exactly beloved by the Stormwalkers. His erratic behavior caused its fair share of problems during the Stormwalkers’ quest and his disregard of life and any great purpose particularly infuriated Akbar, who felt that Jose could turn out to be the companions’ undoing. When Weasel’s fires began to consume the Factory District, the Stormwalkers were forced to flee, and Jose fell behind. Akbar alone saw him. And he chose to leave the troublemaker behind.

But Jose did not stay behind. He returned, clinging to life but to very little skin, as the Burned Man. Tensions rose between Akbar and a vengeful Jose as the Stormwalkers faced Mulligan. As the battle neared its conclusion, he turned his attacks on Akbar, but Baelish blasted him from the platform that held the party high above the city.

Once again, Jose returned. Just as he fell, he and the party were absorbed by a porting mechanism that was activated by Mulligan’s death. He was thrown in again with the party during their assault of the Tower of York, but when he found himself alone with Baelish, he attempted to payback the Stormwalkers once more. Baelish, however, was able to dominate the mad gnome and force him to walk down an endless corridor while Baelish escaped.

Jose made his last appearance in the Stormwalkers’ final battle against Guitar. In the deepest depths of the Abyss, the Demiurge’s Realm, Gryffin summoned a portal for some aid in their fight. Unfortunately, he miscalculated, and the portal appeared in Jose’s endless corridor. Jose entered the fray and tried once more to take out his frustrations on the Stormwalkers, but he was blasted again by Baelish into a deeper and darker nothingness than the neverwhere dimension he had just left. He has either been consumed by a nothingness that has been abandoned both by the Stormwalkers and the Demiurge or he dwells there still, growing madder and madder.

Jose Cuervo

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