Lancaster, the Raven Queen, and York

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When Kelemvor, the former god of the dead, abdicated his throne in Yr 500, he passed his duties to his most trusted ex-arch, Lancaster. Lancaster, however, sensed that Kelemvor’s great failing was his disdain of the souls he judged. He chose to split the role with a friend and former lover, Melia, who became the Raven Queen. Lancaster became a Guide of the Dead and Melia served as Judge.

Only 100 years after their ascension, they were surprised by another young god, York, who replaced Vecna as the god of undeath and secrets, and who overtook Antenora nearly overnight. York had also hailed from Saein and had mimicked Lancaster’s progress into the celestial realms.

The gods of death also realized that the older gods had no interest in helping them battle for the Material Plane. In fact, the old gods were slowly withering away from their self-imposed isolation from the other planes.

Lancaster continued to have great sympathy for the plights of mortals and the Material Plane, but Melia found herself subject to the same distance and disdain that plagued Kelemvor. She saw no hope in the continuous cycles of suffering in the Material Plane, but she did not want to join the other gods in their petty withdrawal. Yet from the ashes of Antenora rose a kindred spirit, a shadarkai named Guitar, who she drew to her and with whom she developed a plan of absolute renewal.

While Lancaster focused on the Material Plane, the Raven Queen watched York, and she caught wind of his research into the Demiurge. She, Guitar, and York created a pact, in which they would join forces to gain control of this Origin of Existence and merge all creation into the single whole that was sundered by the Demiurge’s birth.

They approached Lancaster, knowing he would not accept such a plan, and sealed him to an island off the coast of Saein.

The alliance quickly dissolved. York had been greatly wounded in his battle with Lancaster and a surprise attack from the up-and-coming Herja, and he cut access to his realm as well as the Abyss and the Demiurge, and the Raven Queen and Guitar were tasked with eliminating York next and continuing the plan alone. But after all the betrayals and suffering, Melia the Raven Queen finally lost hope in even this plan. Her power waned and Guitar was left alone to achieve their grand scheme.

Lancaster, the Raven Queen, and York

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