Mulligan had worked for York when the god was only a wizard. Mulligan was, in fact, an ancient soul—a Blizzard Dragon who had been living in the far northwestern corner of Antenora where York first established his tower and realm. In these early days of his ascendency, York wiped out the bands of dragons that lived in the Frozen North. However, he saved one dragon whose ruthless cunning particularly appealed to him. He first wooed this dragon to his cause, and then enslaved it by injecting a manipulable virus into the creature’s heart. Over time, York’s curse gained complete control over Mulligan’s most vital organ, and he was compelled to eternally serve the god of undeath and secrets.

This enslavement did nothing to quell Mulligan’s ambition. When York was primed to ascend in Yr 600, Mulligan took over a chunk of the Malebolgian Mountains, infiltrated the Wygrievian court, and served as an arms dealer to stir up war throughout the island. He also swayed members of Hyram’s former party to join up with him—first Weasel and then Isacar and Atlas. Mulligan spent the years after York’s ascension eliminating or sidelining the rivals he created out of these three.

Mulligan became the de facto leader of Atlas and of Antenora as York became increasingly absorbed in his ambitions beyond the material plane. He also taught Skeith in the ways of infiltration, deceit, and control before York sent him to the continent.

Eventually, the Stormwalkers tore through Antenora, eliminating Isacar and Weasel before reaching Mulligan’s Pale Tower. By this time, Mulligan had realized that Skeith was more than just a newbie spy, he was the next incarnation of York. Skeith stole through Mulligan’s portal to the Tower of York and left him to deal with the Stormwalkers, and though Mulligan made a good show of it by transforming into a vicious Dracolich, he was bested when Akbar dived into Mulligan’s gut and burst through his anus with flames and blades galore.


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