Saein (Fallen)

This ancient city sits atop the highest mountain of the Sicura Mountain Range directly north of Fife. It once boasted a large number of elvish people, the first humans, and the claim for longest-lived civilization, which had built the city centuries before the rude Orlandi and Caithian clans fought on the continent and the nomadic Conmites wandered Antenora. It also served as the birthplace of the mortals that became Lancaster, York, and the Raven Queen.

The city’s religious doctrine, called the Tonn, subscribed to no gods, but rather put forth that all existence was a part of a great wave of change, a force they composed but that also worked its influence upon them all, that defined life by its constant movement.

As the Golden Age of the city waned, a great rift grew in the theology of the Tonn. And both of the old families championed the opposing viewpoints. The Lancastrians believed that change existed to wipe decay from the world, and all mortals’ purpose was found through deep introspection, after which you might find some way to ride the ripples of the wave, to pull your family and allies up with you, and eradicate the agents of atrophy. The Yorkists believed that the wave was inherently hostile and overwhelming, and that if mortals became complacent, they would be eradicated from the material plane. They insisted that mortals must search for secret ways to influence the greater powers above them, and force them to take regard of and protect them.

Growing tensions among the families, politically and spiritually, finally escalated to war in Yr 393. The war eventually made Saein unlivable (and a faint toxic cloud still drifts through the ruins of the city) driving the Lancastrian families south, where they would found Florizel and settlements around Fife and sending the Yorkists north over the mountains and across the sea to Antenora where they established the city of Wygrievia.

Saein (Fallen)

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