The Bonemen

Max Steele was a companion of Hyram’s party 200 years, a rash man known for heedlessly plowing into battles and trap-filled dungeons alike, but not even he was prepared for the consequences of joining Isacar, Weasel, and Atlas when the party split. Seeing little hope on the other side and curious of the action he might see under York’s service, he unwittingly made his choice. Yet after witnessing the brutal work of his companions in the years after, Max Steele lost his stomach for Yorkist action.

He attempted to escape by taking his own life, but a servant of the god of undeath does not so easily leave such service. He was forcefully reborn as Steele the Lich Knight and set to lead the first failed attempt to invade the Shrouded Hills. Again, Steele rejected to York, and he fled to the underground kingdom of Hastia. There he met the remnants of a forgotten society of dwarves, and he helped them rebuild their culture from the bones and fragments of their ancestors.

After gaining an alliance with the Shrouded Hills, Daven and Groves moved North to convince the mountain people, and they discovered Steele a de facto king of the dwarves and their re-animated ancestors. Steele and his horde of bones and bone-clad dwarves pledged their forces to help end York’s hold on Atlas.

The sigil of the Bone-men bears a skull with lance and sword as crossbones

The Bonemen

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