The Combine Project

Akbar and Mix first gleaned some information about this project when they encountered the shade of Dignam in Saein, and a few more crucial details were filled in by the ranger Groves in Antenora. The little that the party has been able to gather may shed some light on the recent changes in Gryffin.

Gryffin and Groves were twins in the midst of an underground experiment conducted in the basement of the Plainview Warehouse (in Florizel) by a group of scientists (many of them devotees of Lancaster). The stated goal seems to have been the creation of the “Perfect Man,” i.e. they hoped to advance the very makeup of humankind so that the race might become deathless. They chose to make this possible by matching human biology to that of the Loth, the race of “demons” that some say have existed since the dawn of time.

It is unclear how the project acquired demon samples to toy with, but Groves indicates that agent was introduced to Gryffin’s system when they were both toddlers. Groves served as an untampered control by which to compare the changes in his twin brother. However many experiments they conducted up to this point, Groves suggests that Gryffin was the first subject to survive the introduction of Loth blood and cells.

Eventually, Dignam caught wind of the experiments and rushed to halt the project. The majority of the science team (along with Groves) fled the city and the continent, ultimately landing in Antenora. One man, however, stayed behind to salvage the research. He fled south of the city with the young Gryffin where they lived in a hut deep within the secluded woods.

Dignam’s shade suggests that he eventually tracked the last scientist down and something happened between them that caused Dignam to kill the man and bring Gryffin back to Florizel. It is still unclear how reliable Gryffin’s memories may be, what brought Dignam to kill his “master,” how successful the project was, and ultimately how the Loth blood will affect Gryffin.

The Combine Project

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