The Fate of the Known Nations

Fife bore the brunt of the demon invasion. Though the portals were sealed when the Stormwalkers eliminated the Demiurge, the period of portal activity in Florizel allowed swarms of demons to overrun the city. The demon commander, Kyriaros, still rules the city, and the other nations fortify their borders to keep the demons sealed into Fife. The Docks, Lower Markets, and the Airship Yard of Florizel have been reduced to wastelands. Herja rallied her militia to battle the demon forces, but she was wiped out even before the portals were sealed.

Caith may have been able to invade Fife and eradicate the demons, but after securing their border they turned their eyes to their ancient enemy, O’rland. Guitar’s right-hand witch, Morgan, took over after his departure. When Guitar cancelled the invasion of Antenora, Morgan thought it would be best to redirect the horde’s energies toward an age-old rival rather than the lesser known threat in Florizel. Fife was left to suffer alone, and O’rland’s Church and government were obliterated. Caith is rising up as a new military might on the continent. The remaining nations are glad to have either an ocean or the wasteland of Fife to buffer them against Caith’s power. Meanwhile, reavers and pirates off the coast of Caith have stirred up with new vigor. They have begun sacrificing captives to the sea in the name of the Demon Prince Dagon.

O’rland ‘s political, military, and theocratic power had been on the wane since its split with Fife 200 years ago. In its final days, the Pen had cut a secret deal with Mulligan in Antenora that would allow Antenoran forces to land on O’rland’s coast and invade Caith. Mulligan hoped to eliminate Guitar and O’rland hoped to be rewarded with Caith’s lands. However, Mulligan was taken out of the picture by the Stormwalkers, and Caith turned its attention to O’rland. The Church was completely obliterated—it’s were leaders killed and its temples burned as the enemy sacked the capital and claimed the land. The High Church of Kelemvor and the nation of O’rland are no more.

Ruslan ’s isolationism served it well, as it still had unused forces left over in its preparation for Fife and Caith’s war with Antenora. Minsgorod has become a fey bastion, opening itself for traveling arcane users and fey types. Minsgorod and the capital, Margarit, are negotiating a stable balance of power to unify the nation. Meanwhile, to the far north, a spear-pierced heart remains pinned to the life-tree Drasil. It beats, biding its time until a warrior is again needed to defend the material plane.

Surprisingly enough, Antenora is looking out on the horizon towards its own renaissance. There is much cleaning up to do — especially in the untamed mountain ranges — but with the complete eradication of York’s ex-archs and the successful cohesion of the Resistance — the city of Atlas, the mystic forests, and the Shrouded Hills are building an alliance to guard themselves against whatever remains in the frozen north. York has vanished from the material plane, but some new power resides in his black tower.

The Fate of the Known Nations

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