The Forest Spirits

The Wooded Wall is a mighty forest that lies between the city of Atlas and the Malebolge Mountain Range in the North. Like the Shrouded Hills, it too became a sanctuary from Yorkist oppression when the dying spirit of Loban, an ally to Hyram and Dignam, joined with the dying chief of the forest spirits. They became a new Loban, a mighty owl with bird spirits forming every feather upon him. He leads the Pookas and the Great Owls who live in the forest.

Unlike the hills, however, the forest was not left unmolested by the Yorkists. While Rojer and Lorelai built their defenses in the West, Isacar and Weasel built an actual wall around the entirety of the forest to contain the spirits within.

However, with the help of Rojer and Steele, Daven and Groves were able to meet a forest spirit named Botkin, who was acquainted with the ancient magic inherent in water, glass, and mirrors. He was able to transport the two into the heart of the forest, where they evacuated Loban and the best of his owl air force to help them in their fight to retake Atlas.

The sigil of the forest folk bears a large owl spreading its wings to reveal dozens of glowing eyes.

The Forest Spirits

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