The New Pantheon

The old gods withered away in their negligence of the planes and worlds beyond their insulated domains. It is unknown how long the old pantheon was absent even as mortals still prayed to them. The last remaining held on because they were the youngest and most active. Lancaster, The Raven Queen known as Melia, and York were instrumental in the Shift and the manipulation of the Demiurge, but as the 3rd Age came to a close, they too died away.

The group of heroes known as the Stormwalkers, the same 6 men who eliminated the Demiurge, became the foremost gods in the new pantheon.

The influence of the gods is measured by the number, influence, and activity of their followers in particular regions.

Akbar replaced Lancaster as The Guide of the Dead. He has steady followings in Atlas, Fife, and Minsgorod. His followers in the material plane are also working along with Hyram’s followers to liberate Florizel from demon control. He is often represented as a ship leaving shore, smuggling travelers away to safer harbor.

Mix replaced Melia (the Raven Queen) to become the judge of the dead, The God of Many Faces. Akbar brings the dead to Mix’s realm. When they look to him for judgment, they see their own face staring back. Mix has also established the Euthanotos a secret society that represents his influence in the material plane. The society has bases hidden within every nation and its Doomspeakers hunt for the Good Death. Though some may see them as mere assassins, their goals are clearly much higher. What these goals may be? Only a Doomspeaker could say, though it is unlikely he would.

Gryffin replaced Melora to become the Lord of the Wilderness and the Tamer of Chaos. He is known as a lover of wild things and a patron of magical experimentation. His followers and temples are most often found outside of the capitals and cities of the various nations. He is especially felt in the deep forests of Ruslan and the wilderness along the Southern fringes of Fife where the mortal Gryffin once lived and where the demon hordes have yet to claim. He has a close alliance with Min and Eleos.

Baelish originally had no intention of becoming a god, but after seeing the void left behind by the dead gods and hearing the calls of his people in Atlas, he filled the place of Avandra. He is The Voice of Trade and Freedom, the patron god of the Patriots of Atlas, and he has become a rallying point for the Resistance’s efforts to reclaim and rebuild Antenora.

Hyram, it could be said, has replaced Bahamut as a protector god. He is the God of Hope also known as The Beggar God for his particular attention to prayers of the poor and downtrodden. He is the patron god of the resistance forces in Florizel, and all of his attention seems to be focused on the liberation of Fife. Little influence has traveled beyond this area. He is often represented as an enormous, featureless figure, fit to defend but garbed in beggar’s rags and carrying a peasant-farmer’s sickle or scythe.

Eleos replaced Ioun as The Many Armed God of Knowledge and Skill. He has temples throughout the known nations, but seems to have the most influence in Ruslan where he has become a particular favorite in Margarit and Minsgorod. He is the balancing force for the wilder Min and Gryffin. The three serve as a nearly-official Triad of Ruslandian Gods. Eleos is often represented as many armed humanoid. His race varies depending on the artist, but each arm represents multiple races as well as one mysteriously beetle-like claw.

Min and the three leaders of the Banshrae merged and ascended sometime after the Stormwalkers. They replaced Corellon to become God of the Fey. “Min” is patron of fey magic and art as well as the city of Minsgorod, though he has a predilection to the wilder side of magic and civilization than Corellon.

Rojer and Lorelai merged and replaced Sehanine as the Blue Shade of Night. The Blue Shade represents love, twilight, fey magic, and trickery. The Shade has been depicted as male, female, or an androgynous figure.

The New Pantheon

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