The Traveling Man

The Shift occurred, one year ago, as a direct result of York’s toying with the Demiurge. How he gained access is still a mystery but not a surprise for a lord of secrets. York’s tampering netted him an abyssal spawn that he molded into Skeith, while a mirror “son of the demiurge” crawled out of the experiment, unbeknownst to York.

Called Yaldabahut by his demon followers and Saklas the Fool by his peers, this grey-suited, grey-eyed trickster met each of Stormwalkers in a dream before they banded together. He sought them out again after Dignam’s funeral, wishing use them to disrupt the plans of Guitar and York. The party refused to have anything to do with him, but they tangled with Guitar and York nonetheless.

Saklas had spent the year after the Shift gathering up Mezzoloth slaves from the Abyss and establish portals to the Material Plane. He wanted to play York, Guitar, and the Stormwalkers against one other before any could gain control over the Demiurge, and amidst the chaos, he hoped to absorb the Demiurge’s power and become its next incarnation.

He found his first real foot-hold in the Material Plane through the city of Florizel. After the city’s tumultuous campaign for Regency, Saklas was able weasel his way into Pip Cavalcante’s
camp and push the young man to victory. All the while, he and his agents prepped a portal to the Abyss that had been set beneath Florizel’s River Glamis.

Saklas reduced Cavalcante to a shambling puppet as his/“Cavalcante’s” people set themselves into the highest positions of power in the capital. The losing rival, Walter Coriole, was chased from town and possibly killed. And once the new heads of state was established, Saklas’s demons swarmed from beneath the river and overwhelmed the Docks, High Town, and Market districts. Saklas’s administration cordoned off the area, claiming that it had suffered a terrorist assault from “Coriole’s Militia” camped at the city’s airship field.

With the council and western districts of Florizel immediately under his thumb, Saklas left the city to his right-hand man, the ultrodemon Kyriaros who oversaw the experiments (in Plainview Warehouse) that created Loth Combine Soldiers from Loth demons and human subjects. He then pushed his forces into the eastern districts and eventually finished off Herja and her militiamen, though some still remain as a weakened guerrilla force within the city.

Saklas, meanwhile, sensed the Stormwalkers and Guitar converging in Antenora to take on York. He rushed in to join the fray and met the Stormwalkers at the Tower of York. He helped them infiltrate York’s realm, but he underestimated the power of his abyssal brother, Skeith, who was now fully merged with York. Saklas was trapped by Skeith at the top of the tower when the Stormwalkers arrived, and given a choice between the two, the party decided to take out their first manipulator. For all his games and schemes, Saklas had not anticipated the wrath or power of his pawns.

The Traveling Man

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